Interview on Prospects of Turkish Invasion in Northeast Syria for Radiožurnál

Date of publication: October 8 , 2019

Tomáš Kaválek of Prague Centre for Middle East Relations (PCMR) of CEVRO Institute commented on precipitous developments in northeast Syria in the context of a possible Turkish invasion and US plan to withdraw its forces from the area for Radiožurnál. President Donald Trump has announced a withdrawal from northeastern Syria, where US troops have been supporting the Kurdish-Arab Syrian Democratic Forces in their fight against ISIS. President Trump’s surprise move comes as Turkish President Erdoğan threatens to invade border areas in northeastern Syria. Voices are growing critical of leaving Kurdish allies at Turkey’s mercy. However, the US administration’s rhetoric has been chaotic and it remains unclear in what form, to what extent, if at all, the withdrawal of US forces and the Turkish operation will take place.