Interview for CEVRO ARENA with Hiwa Osman on Iraqi Elections

Date of publication: December 2, 2021

Hiwa Osman, a prominent Iraqi Kurdish journalist and former advisor to Iraq president visited Prague upon the invitation from Prague Centre for Middle East Relations (PCMR) of CEVRO Insitute. Tomáš Kaválek, Director of PCMR interviewed him for CEVRO ARENA on early elections in Iraq, weakinening Iranian influence or building trust in the new electoral process.

The in-depth interview covered the following topics:

  • Why were early elections so crucial and different from previous polls?
  • Why pro-Iranian actors lost their standing?
  • Whether the new cabinet will be formed by Muqtada Sadr, former principal US enemy?
  • Whether Kurds and Sunnis will participate on the new government?
  • Whether we can expect substantial reforms and at least to an exten tackling rampant corruption from the new cabinet?