PCMR’s Vojtěch Bílý Meets Imam Mahmoud Dicko in Mali

Date of publication: August 8, 2022

During his visit to Mali, PCMR’s Vojtěch Bílý also conducted a meeting with Imam Mahmoud Dicko, one of the most influential politico-religious figures in the country. Imam Dicko is a prominent religious leader who is influential not only in the matters of faith but also in politics. Imam Dicko supported opposition movement against president Ibrahim Boucar Keita in 2020. He played a crucial role in opposition protests and is widely popular among Malinese public. He also led the High Islamic Council of Mali.

During the meeting, Imam Dicko identified some of the serious issues that the current Malian society is facing. Chiefly he mentioned the rise of radicalism among youth, lack of elites, absence of true political leadership, diverting from Malian tradition and culture as well as deficits in educations sector. Imam Dicko also highlighted the need of good working relationship with Europe, with France in particular. France and Mali share a common past and are still closely interconnected both economically and socially.