Debate “Women and Children of the Islamic State”

Date of publication: October 8, 2019

Prague Centre for Middle East Relations (PCMR) of CEVRO Institute organized public debate “Women and Children of the Islamic State.” The event took place on Monday, October 7, 2019, 19:00-20:30 at the atrium of the CEVRO Institute (Jungmannova 17, Prague 1). Our guests were:

  • Lenka Klicperová, journalist.
  • Markéta Kutilová, journalist.

Journalists Lenka Klicperova and Markéta Kutilová discussed the phenomenon of women and children of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) based on their first-hand experience from the region. ISIS lured at least 40 thousand people into its ranks from abroad. Out of that up to 25% are women and children. Since ISIS was militarily defeated in Iraq in December 2017 and in Syria in March 2019 we have been facing a pressing issue: how to deal with women and children of ISIS from abroad dispersed among camps and detention facilities in Syria and Iraq. Only in al-Hul camp in Syria, there are 75 thousand women and children, 11 thousand of them are from abroad.

The debate was moderated by Tomáš Kaválek, Director of PCMR.